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A Staar Shines In Brooklyn

written by Jude Lassow

In 1953 a young girl claimed her celestial star and has followed its energies throughout her life.  The book chronicles a unique connection between God's mystical world and the unwavering faith of a child. This soft covered, 240 page book, fills the heart with insight, truth, humor and faith. It is written in large print for easy reading. "Staar" can be purchased for $7.99 including shipping. 
After reading part one of the Staar trilogy, please send your comments to the author at  We love hearing from our readers.  Look up and claim your magical star! -Jude 
Linda Venitelli, is the graphic artist who designed the beautiful Staar cover for this book.

A mystical happening ~ I sent my friend Lou, who lives in Arkansas, an autographed copy of Staar.  After all, he suggested the title for my book.  Lou and I have a special spiritual connection, which began in 1963. He always encouraged my writing, and did tell me that one day, I'd write a book.  

I received an email from a woman I did not know.  Lou's book, had traveled from Brooklyn, NY to AR arriving at it's final destination, Morris Plains, NJ. It seems as that Gloria was meant to have this book.  I called Lou to ask about his book, but his phone has been disconnected.  The mystery continues...  


Today, in the mail, stuffed in another envelope was your book, 
"A STAAR SHINES IN BROOKLYN, that was autographed and being sent to the individual who titled the book.  I'm sure this book has a special meaning for someone. Since it was enough to track you down and thought I would do so to let you know that the book has not reached it's destination.
I'll be happy to direct it accordingly.


Gloria Carvagno
Parish Secretary 
St. Virgil Parish
250  Speedwell Avenue
Morris Park, NJ  07950

To purchase "Staar" through PayPal, please use this email address to send your payment:  Or send in a check or money order payable to Jude Lassow for $7.99 per book to: Jude Muffin, 9728-3rd Ave. B125, Brooklyn, NY  11209

or visit Amazon

Thank you and God Bless!